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Details about our essential oil packages
We use thickened glass to make essential oil bottles, colors are available in blue, green, clear, amber, white and black. The most popular color is amber. The dark color can effectively avoid direct sunlight and maintain the nutritional activity of the liquid. Our raw materials are free of heavy metals and use medical grade glass. The bottom of the bottle is a concave design, which is anti-drop and durable. The bottle body can be printed with the customer's exclusive logo. For dispensing essential oils, essences, carrier oils, and massage oils. The essential oil bottle fits closely with the dropper, has excellent sealing, and does not leak when inverted. Glass transparent pipette, the dosage is clearly visible, and the inhalation amount can be grasped at any time. The silicone teat is elastic and soft, and it is very convenient to absorb liquid. The whole set is reusable and easy to carry.
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Our Essential oil packages Advantage


Made of high quality aluminium or plastic materials,durable, non-toxic, safe and also eco-friendly.


Easy to carry. You can bring it inside your cosmetic bag, it’s ideal for travel and business trips.


Smooth application, and twist up/down, very easy and convenient to use.


Many different patterns are available for you to choose.Different styles bring you different moods.

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essential oil packages


Why choose glass essential oil bottles?

Glass essential oil bottles are the main form of essential oil packaging. Most essential oils on the market are sold in glass bottles. Why? First of all, it is due to historical habits. Glass essential oil bottles appear more often, and everyone naturally associates essential oils with glass bottles. Secondly, the glass essential oil bottle is not easy to react with the liquid and is more stable. Furthermore, most glass essential oil bottles are in dark color, which is more conducive to protecting the storage of essential oils. The whole set of glass essential oil bottles is beautiful and elegant, exquisite and high-grade.

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